White Handbag




A little bit about me.....

I was working full time but anxiously awaiting retirement. The date was set, March 1, 2019. But what was I going to do?? I didn't want to have nothing planned so I was searching for ideas that would allow me to do something I could be really passionate about. I had ordered a canvas  bag online and when it arrived, I said, "I could make that" and that's when it all began. I started creating bags and selling them at craft fairs and they seemed to be popular so I thought I must be on the right track!

Right after I retired, I purchased an industrial machine and my life changed forever. The options were endless and I wasn't spending days at my domestic machine, practically in tears because it just wouldn't (or couldn't) do what I wanted and needed.

So here I am, in the midst of the Covid-19 shutdown, happy as a clam because I have something to keep me happy and occupied. However, to my amazement I created a crazy amount of bags during the shutdown with nowhere to sell them. I decided it was time to put my "big girl pants" on, rebrand my bags and create an online store.

So here we are.....I hope you enjoy my webpage and I would love to hear from you!  

Thank you for all your support!  Tamra



8145 - 153A Street, Surrey, BC V3S8S5